Why Use CBD Mints?

cbd mints

cbd mintsPresently, the market is inundated with a plethora of CBD edibles and products, from CBD wines to use by topical or by CBD ‘vaping’, the list can go on. This makes it difficult to tell which of these CBD products is the most effective or suitable for you. When consuming CBD products, it is crucial to consider factors like; your body reactions, health risks involved with the method, onset time and period, etc. Here, you will see why CBD mints prove the best option for the intake of CBD compounds

Do you know what CBD mints are?
Like many CBD edibles, these are special candies made from distinct herbs from the mint plant families and have been blended with CBD compounds. Examples of mints include echinacea, Siberian ginseng, Lamiaceae, etc. Mints have been in existence long ago, and are known for their therapeutic qualities when they are blended with CBD compounds, these effects become well accentuated compared to the individual powers of the base mint and the CBD compounds.

The plus you get with taking CBD mints

They taste better when compared to CBD oils

CBD oils have non-palatable, bland taste almost taking you to the old days when tasting substances were used as medicines. With CBD mints, the subtly sweet and sharp taste of mint will make it easier for you to ingest the CBD while you savor off the taste of mint.

They are convenient to carry about
I have a friend who is on a dosage of CBD, she prefers the sublingual ingestion as her intake method, and every time she is in a social event, she has to excuse herself to the bathroom. I can’t even begin to imagine the discomfort my friend must be in. if you take CBD mints, you can conveniently keep them in your pockets or bags, and consume them without being suspected.

cbd mintsIt is healthier on your body than most intake methods, Different research on smoking and vaping has shown the numerous dangers the activities cause to body organs. For example residues of the smoked/vaped materials could flow through the respiratory paths and settle within the lungs. CBD mints ironically are a good remedy to blocked respiratory paths like the nose and the throat.


CBD edibles have longer effect periods
Although absorption of CBD in CBD edibles has slower onset time in the body, the effects of the CBD are felt for the longest time when compared to other methods of intake. This means that you’ll feel the effects of the CBD compounds longer when you take mints infused with.

cbd ediblesSmaller dosages inconsistent amounts
CBD mints contain small and regular dosages; unlike other methods, with CBD mints, you can monitor and regulate your dose and can easily increase your dose or maintain it at a particular level.

Are CBD mints right for me?
If you are new to the use of CBD or you are looking for an easier method of administering yourself with CBD, I will suggest you go for CBD edibles like mints. CBD mints provide a convenient, discreet, and cost-effective method of CBD intake while you can also monitor your intake dosage.